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Reginald 'Reggie' Cole - Group Exercise Coordinator


Phone: 410-955-2513

Since 1994, Reggie has been active in the local dance communities of Washington, DC and Baltimore as a dance performer and instructor/choreographer having performed with Citydance Ensemble and Edgeworks Dance Theater both locally, regionally and internationally.  He is trained in ballet, jazz, West African dance, modern dance and musical theater.

Since 2000, Reggie has been leading group fitness classes as an AFAA-certified group exercise instructor throughout the MD/DC/VA area including Gold's Gym, Bally's and Thomas Circle Fitness Club to name a few. He participated as an aerobics presenter for the Tavis Smiley Health Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center in 2006.

In 2004 Reggie expanded his fitness practice by becoming an AFAA-certified personal trainer.  Combining both the professional training and background in dance with his knowledge of fitness and exercise, Reggie brings a unique approach to fitness and personal training to help members' meet their exercise goals. Reggie is currently the group exercise coordinator for the Cooley Center. 

The foundation of his practice integrates the flexibility and alignment of yoga, the core stability training methods of Pilates, various forms of aerobic activity (step aerobics, dance, running, interval training, etc.) and strength training with bands and weights to promote better balance, strength, flexibility, stamina and overall health and wellness.

Also, check out my e-book on iTunes by clicking on the book title:  Crosstraining with a Dancer.


AFAA-certified group exercise instructor

AFAA-certified personal trainer

CPR/AED certified


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