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Group Exercise

As a Cooley member you can enjoy the benefits of group exercise classes. They offer a fun and challenging alternative to typical weight-lifting and treadmill routines. Most classes are open to people of all fitness levels. While each class focuses on different goals, whether it be improving endurance, muscle strength or decreasing stress, you will certainly enjoy them!

*Please register in advance online for ALL group exercise classes. 
Starting January 5, 2015 all reservations will be managed through the website calendar. All classes will require reservations. The website calendar will allow you to sign-up starting 24-hours prior to the class start time.

Have questions, comments or concerns? Contact Reggie @

Class Registration Procedure:

Group exercise class sign-ups are accepted online instead of by phone.  A member may register for a class 24 hours prior to the class start time. The Cooley Center will no longer accept phone reservations for classes.  

Here are 8 easy steps to complete the online procedure:

  1. Go to our website,
  2. Click on the heading "Calendar"
  3. Click on the class you are interested in taking
  4. Click the button labeled "sign up for this event"
  5. Enter required information and click "submit"
  6. Check your email for the confirmation. If your email confirmation indicates you are registered for the class, you're done
  7. In the case that you are put on the waiting list - you'll be "bumped up" in order of the list and you'll receive an email confirming that you are now in the class, if someone cancels their reservation
  8. To cancel a reservation, open your email confirmation and click on the link at the bottom of the message to cancel your registration

Thank you for your cooperation!  :)

Group Exercise Fees

Employee memberships include group exercise classes, however student members must pay for classes.

Student members may purchase group exercise in the following packages:
  8 weeks = $32.00
  4 weeks = $20.00
  2 weeks = $12.00
  1 week = $8.00

Single class drop-in fee = $5.00.

Group Exercise Rules

  • You must be a registered Cooley member (or guest of a member) to participate in group exercise classes.
  • Schedule and instructors are subject to change. 
  • Please read posted signs for updates and changes to the group exercise schedule. 
  • Members are encouraged to sign up for the email list to receive any changes or upcoming events
  • Classes with fewer than 3 participants are subject to cancellation.
  • For your safety, please do not enter a class 5-minutes after start time.

Class Descriptions

Reservation is required for all classes.  Sign-up through the website to confirm your reservation! Student drop in fee of $5 per class applies to all scheduled classes.

Basic Yoga:  Just the basics. Breath, stretch, balance and relax.

Body Sculpt: Challenge your agility, strength and overall stamina with a great circuit training workout.

Boot Camp: Full body, intense, circuit-style workout. Be ready to keep your body moving (1 hour).

Butts & Guts: This workout uses light weights, bands and your own bodyweight to make your booty rock! 

Cardio Jam:  A high-energy combo of hi-lo floor aerobics, step aerobics and dance.

KB Training w/ Sara: This class focuses on the fundamentals of how to use kettlebells properly (not for inexperienced beginners.)

Pilates:  Strengthens and stabilizes the core while enhancing flexibility.

Spinning/Cycling:  Challenging rides set to great music -- the most fun you can have burning 500 calories!

Power Pump: Resistance training in a group exercise setting.

Power Yoga: This class is focused on strength, balance, using your own bodyweight and stretching.

Punch, Kick, H.I.I.T.: Kick, punch, jab, jump and a whole lot more combined with a high-intensity interval circuit.

Total Body Circuit: Strength training workout in a group class setting using dumbbells and a variety of bodyweight exercises.

TRAINing Day:  Takes you out of the traditional group exercise setting to strengthen your body using free weights and machines (focuses on strength training for women.)

TRX Training/Cardio TRX: This class teaches you the proper technique of using suspension training straps to do a thorough physical conditioning workout with just your own bodyweight.

Vinyasa Yoga: Flow from one pose to the next while working on your balance, body and strength. 

Zumba!: Fun, fun, fun Latin dance party!


  • 21

    Spinning AM

    burn lots of calories, great music and fun challenging ride, too.
  • 21

    Kettle Bell PLUS

    Great strength training workout integrating kettlebell exercises.
  • 21

    Vinyasa Yoga

    An invigorating yoga class that focuses on flow, sun salutations, balance, strength and mental clarity.
  • 21

    Power Pump

    Excellent strength workout using Body Bar and hand weights
  • 21

    Spinning PM

    burn lots of calories, great music and fun challenging ride, too.
  • 21

    TRX Training

    Learn proper form and technique using a unique training system for bodyweight exercises.
  • 21

    Butts & Guts

    Don't neglect your lower body! Come take class that uses light weights, bands and your body to make your booty rock.
  • 22


    Stability training and core strength using the Pilates method on the mat.

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